Millions, billions, trillions of data points

The most comprehensive data repository on small business financial performance in the world. Our platform has direct connections into tens of thousands of sources in over 150 countries worldwide.

Some of the data sources we are integrated with

Some of the data sources we are integrated with...

  • All major core banking platforms worldwide
  • All major cloud accounting software packages
  • Accounting CSV & text data
  • Manual accounting data
  • Banking data
  • Macro-economic data
  • Regional-economic data
  • Local-economic data
  • Equity market data
  • Bond/Debt market data
  • Commodity market data
  • Commercial real estate data
  • Residential real estate data
  • Weather data
  • Other environmental data
  • Fiber & other 1Gb data
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G data
  • Energy data
  • Water data
  • Sewage & waste data
  • Roads data
  • Ports data
  • Health data
  • Education data
  • Agriculture data
  • Credit data
  • Rating agencies data
  • Taxes & revenue peer data
  • Taxes & revenue business data
  • Taxes & revenue owner/applicant
  • Business demographic data
  • Census & demographics data
  • Crime data
  • Trade association data
  • University forecasts data

Safe & compliant

Trust is at the cornerstone of our commitment to our clients and that’s why data security & data privacy are at the core of our company's focus.

Working towards both SOC 2 & ISO 27001 certification standards and ensuring that all data privacy regulations like CCPA & GDPR are complied with.

Our infrastructure is on AWS and is highly scalable and built from the ground up for security & velocity.

Safe & compliant
Accurate recommendations & insights at your fingertips

Accurate recommendations & insights at your fingertips

View key performance metrics on your small business customer in an easy-to-understand format.

How to integrate

  • APIs - Build your own front-end SMB experiences on top of our APIs.
  • Embeddable views - Get up and running in a few days. Made by developers, for developers.
How to integrate

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