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Uplinq’s proven credit diagnostic solution enables lenders to say “Yes” more often, while lowering risk, improving margins and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Solving business problems

Lend with confidence

Uplinq's solution utilizes billions of alternative data sets that have served as a foundational component for over $1.4 Trillion USD in underwritten loans, while delivering the following outcomes:

  • Increased Loan Approval Rates
  • Mitigated Loan Risk
  • Improved Customer Relations
  • Increased Net Income

Our platform has been deployed within some of the largest & smallest FIs in the world, on 6 continents and with a 15+ year established track record. We serve as a significant enhancement to existing credit bureau services by delivering the following:

  • Risk Measurement & Model Reliability
  • Benchmarks Against Industry & Internal Scores
  • Conformability & Fitment Options
  • Compliance & Stress Tested Evaluations
  • Models Optimized by Business Segment, Product & Market
  • Reasons & Diagnostics

“Uplinq has developed a unique approach leveraging both structured & unstructured data sources, combined with cutting edge AI modelling techniques, to provide the 2.0 smart decisioning model for the SMB industry segment.”

Mario Schlener
Head of Global Innovation & Risk, Financial Institutions, Ernst & Young

“Patrick Reily’s work in building complex modeling systems that merge macroeconomics & environmental forces with business & consumer behavior into single systems, is sound, foundational & important.”

Dr. Lawrence Robert Klein
Nobel Prize Laureate,
Economic Sciences

“Uplinq has incredible potential to change the way SMB credit decisions are made by unlocking access for lenders to richer insights, and creating a workflow that fosters greater transparency.”

Archie Puri
Former CPO, Galileo
& GM, Braintree

“The outcome I am looking for in partnering with Uplinq is to make an impact in the lives of millions of families in underserved communities."

Ishmael Yamson
CEO, Nosmay International

"Understanding the credit-worthiness of SMBs is clearly an under-served & inefficient market in current practice. Uplinq provides a comprehensive, integrated, and well-designed tool using advanced analytics & statistically validated data sets to achieve a leap in scoring accuracy. They’re poised to revolutionize the space."

Andy Carra
Co-Founder, SoFi

“At some point in the future, SMB lenders will not be able to compete, let alone survive, without advanced analytics allowing accurate & prudent credit decisions in minutes.  Uplinq pulls the future into today's credit processing with the most advanced intelligence available across all fintech. It's simply amazing, and is quickly trending to be an essential service in SMB underwriting.”

Darren Wesemann
Former CTO, FIS

“Uplinq uniquely serves as a one stop solution to the challenges of SMB credit decisioning, combining advanced  analytics & AI techniques with both existing and alternative data sets to produce scientifically accurate credit scoring.  Any SMB lender that wants to reduce their risk and increase profitability should consider this solution.”

Daniel Moore
Former Chief Risk Officer, Scotiabank

“The Uplinq platform is going to change the landscape for small business banking globally. I can't wait to see Ron & his team launch their solution, so lenders all over the world can use it for their SMB strategy.”

Asya Bradley
Partner, Mendoza VC &
Founder, Kinly

“I have seen many new products launched by Fintechs over the last ten years. Uplinq is going to be a winner. The data play is amazing, and the international flavor assures fast pick up in a quickly globalizing world.”

Steve Kietz
CEO, Reliant Funding &
Former President, CitiDirect

“Uplinq's credit decisioning system is built for the modern day. The use of alternative data, coupled with traditional data, will make a significant impact both for Western economies, as well as International markets. Uplinq’s solution is Web3 for SMB lenders.”

Mike Dean
Former President, Experian Consumer Services

“For centuries, small businesses have been the engine of growth for world economies; yet their growth has been limited by their lack of access to financial services because they did not fit the established underwriting patterns used by banks. Uplinq is changing that by optimizing the use of modern technologies, advanced data science & old-fashioned credit work. This will change the world.”

Cristian Mandachescu
CRO, iCreditWorks &
Former CRO, Scotiabank US

“In a highly fragmented region like the Middle East, Uplinq’s platform allows fundii to access data that’s not easily available, so that we can pre-qualify all of our small business tech startups. This is an incredibly unique service that provides us with a strong market advantage.”

Dr. Maryam Fouladirad
Founder & CEO, fundii

“Uplinq owns the most comprehensive set of relevant-data in the market, and provides underwriters the tools to understand & incorporate this data into their existing models. Because the Uplinq product goes far beyond traditional banking & accounting data, it's able to provide a more holistic view of a business' health, enabling lenders to more accurately price risk.”

John Horner
Former CIO & Treasurer,
JPMorgan Chase

“Uplinq’s credit assessment technology enables the Ranqx lending as a service platform to offer our customers the most accurate picture of small business financial performance globally. This partnership allows Ranqx to accelerate the flow of capital, while enabling our customer base of banks & lenders to remove all friction within the SMB lending process.”

Dave Lewis
Founder & CEO, Ranqx

Use cases include...

Partnership icon

New credit issuance

Loan request for a new customer; underwriting new credit for an existing customer
Portfolio monitoring icon

Portfolio monitoring

Risk monitoring; payment trouble prioritization
Portfolio opportunities icon

Portfolio opportunities

Leads for pre-screening; pre-qualification for new opportunities within existing client base

Powerful business results

Some of the success our platform has delivered.

OPEX reduction
Credit Losses
Acquisition Cost
Cross Sell
average LOB profitability increase
Health Score
more accurate than Moody’s, D&B & FICO
Underwritten Over $1.4 trillion in Loans
Powerful business results

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