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Credit assessment platform for SMB lenders

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Every small business is unique...

Shaped by its people, business model, and the community of suppliers, partners and customers it interacts with every day.

To understand the business, you need to see the whole picture. That is something that business financials or off the shelf credit scores can never do. This is not just an idea; it is something our technology has proven after underwriting over $1.4 Trillion dollars through every conceivable market condition. Business performance is the result of a business interacting with the world around it.

Financials and credit scores tell you a consequence, but they don’t tell you anything about the situation or actions taken or motivations. When we bring in this information, business performance assessment and credit scoring performance go way up, often by a factor of 10. We know what it takes, and our science and deep lending experience proves it.

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Transforming small business data globally

Uplinq is building the first, global credit assessment platform for small business lenders.

We provide lenders confidence, through billions of unique & validated data signals beyond traditional credit indicators, to make the most accurate decisions possible.

Our platform allows lenders to gain insights on all SMBs in their portfolio, while empowering them to better support the underserved, unbanked, minority & immigrant small business owner.

Our platform has served a global client roster


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