Global credit assessment platform for SMB lenders

With the first of its kind solution, Uplinq’s API provides lenders confidence through billions of unique & validated data signals beyond traditional credit indicators, to make the most accurate decisions possible.

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Our technology has served as a foundation for over $1.4 Trillion in underwritten loans


Our technology leverages historical data sets...

that have passed the most stringent regulatory & compliance protocols by local banking regulators for programs in the countries in which we have served.

of data attributes
15 years
of regulatory compliant data sets
150+ Countries
of local SMB data risk indicators & signals
Local SMB data risk signals

Local SMB data risk signals

Business performance is the result of a business interacting with the world around it. Every small business is unique and is shaped by its people, business model, and the community of suppliers, partners and customers it interacts with every day.

At Uplinq, we understand local small business data risk signals like no other service provider does. Through historical results and scientific validation of our regulatory compliant data sets, we are able to accurately measure small business performance and empower lenders with the confidence needed to support their credit decisions.


Examples of small business data risk signals include...

North America – minority population wiring money back home; tax filings for peer group/benchmarking.

LATAM – business references tied to age, older and more senior; utility & payments infrastructure.

Middle East – positive behaviors within various community memberships; trade associations; civic/schools; social accountability.

Africa – supplier, distributor, business chain relationships; environmental/social/political risk factors beyond control.

APAC – detail in financial books; family experience in other business; proximity/access to markets; access to health & education services; access to improved housing; traffic counts.

Examples of small business data risk signals include
Accuracy & validation

Accuracy & validation

Other providers use a lot of buzz words and claim their analytics are the most accurate. We use science and regulatory approved data as evidence of accuracy and validation.

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